California State Railroad Museum [May 1999]

Sacramento, the state capitol, is also home to the California State Railroad Museum. The Museum is conveniently located within a short walk of the Sacramento Amtrak Station. Three Amtrak routes (the Capitols, the San Joaquins, and the California Zephyr) conveniently service the city, providing plenty of incentive for a trip-by-train to the CSRM.

At the Sacramento Amtrak station, a westbound
Capitol awaits its departure time. At one time, this
station had eight platforms, but today, only two remain.
Passenger equipment from three of California's five
Class One carriers. Not represented here: the
Western Pacific and the Great Northern.
Warbonnet, as it was meant to be.
"Headline: Union Pacific Motive Power Shortage
Reaches Critical Point, Film at 11."

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